Brazil Mushroom

Most people, if not all, would feel despairing and dejected when told that they have cancer. Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases. Even though much of its mechanism has been known today, cancer ranks among the top causes of death in many countries. In Japan for instance, one out of four people die of cancer.

Our body is built with 60 trillion cells. Among these cells, we all possess a certain number of cancer genes called oncogenes. Those oncogenes do not turn into cancer cells under normal and healthy conditions. However, something triggers them to turn into cancer cells, and cancer cells multiply, and form independent cell groups. We often hear that some families suffer from inherited cancer genes. Cancer is not inherited. Very rarely, do we have a case of retinal cell tumor. It is not life threatening. External factors such as radiation, ultraviolet rays, viruses and so on are believed to cause most cancer cases. Leukemia and thyroid cancer caused by radiation, skin cancer caused by ultraviolet rays, B-type hepatitis, C-type hepatitis, and liver cancer, caused by viruses are some of the examples. Further, if our diet would cause some types of cancer, what can we do to prevent it? It is a very serious matter to all of us. About sixty per cent of cancer deaths are related to gastrointestinal organs. According to the Japanese cancer research center (Nihon gan kenkyu zaidan), about thirty percent of cancer deaths are due to diet. In other words, if we control our diets, we would see less cases of cancer - perhaps up to thirty per cent less. Also in the case of respiratory system related cancer deaths, about thirty per cent would be avoided by not smoking. It is therefore imperative that we improve our diet if we want to get healthy. Specifically, we should take non-animal protein, Vitamin C and E, green and yellow vegetables, high fiber foods, seaweed' and other sea plants as well as fungus food.

Fungus food is good for cosmetic reasons too, which is a big concern for most young ladies. It also works to control blood pressure levels, and to prevent and restore artery hardening. For elderly people, fungus food is effective for bones due to its Vitamin D2 content.

Above all, I sincerely recommend at least one serving a day of mushrooms in your diet. In particular, it is my sincere hope that every one of you try Agaricus, the king of mushrooms, and experience its amazing effect. It should help maintain your health as well as guarantee it for as long as you take it.

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