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Why Need To Drink "GOOD WATER"?

75% of the human body is water, 25% is a solid material, while the human brain is accounted for 85% moisture. In addition to air, water is the basic material of life. We all know that water can quench their thirst. I believe a few people know that water can cure disease. Many of the civilized degenerative illnesses, many of the original cause of pain is the body cells, water scarcity, the current common chronic disease in humans. There are almost 60 % are related to water shortage in the body cells.

If we are every day full complement of high-quality "good water", not only disease-resistant enough to prevent cancer, and better able to against aging. The moisture content absorbs by the human body can penetrate the cell fully, achieves expulsion of toxin with nourishes the effect.

Any drinking water that transports by public water supply systems are all those contains organic substances. When the chlorine or chloramines in the water after contact with these organic materials, there will be formed a kind of hazardous substances "Trihalomethanes" (THMs). Commonly known as chloroform is one of a type of "Trihalomethanes." Animal experiments showed that "Trihalomethanes" as a carcinogen for humans are also now classified it as a possible cause of cancer substances. Humans can be absorbed the "Trihalomethanes" through the process of drinking chlorinated water. In addition, the process of shower, the "Trihalomethanes" will also through the skin or breathing sucked into the lungs.

Drinking "Good Water" can play a seven efficacy:

  • Slow down the aging
  • The promotion of intestinal peristalsis
  • Detoxification
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Lubrication organs and tissues
  • Strengthen the nervous system
  • Involved in the body of all the physical and chemical reactions  
Since the water is so important to our health, we certainly cannot allow us "Lack of Water". Hence, we must to pay more attention at the quality of water.

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